Maine artist: fine art acrylic and watercolor landscape, seascape, illustration

Welcome! Here, my authentic hand-painted watercolor and acrylic scenes are energized with some kind of movement that will enliven you. Each individual wall-art that I dreamed of and painted is refreshing, uplifting, and sometimes, humorous. With every custom-made visual art work you will feel pleasure, peace, and probably playful. My imaginative paintings are great choices for you to accent any wall in your homes, offices, or lobbies with picturesque creative influences.

My paintings are on cotton archival paper from France, or on hand-crafted back-framed wood panels (built on request by my professional woodworking family local in Maine). Each panel is primed and painted by me, then brought back to the custom cabinet shop to be professionally sealed. The process of sealing acrylic paintings reduces the risk of scratches and protects microscopic pores from collecting dust. These high-end paintings will retain their rich color for years to come.

So, relax, and browse my gallery. My masterful paintings are meaningful to me and I hope you love them as much as I do. Enjoy!