About Sara

Below the heavens, trees and boulders are anchors where the grass cowers and where the waves break. It seems clouds up there and down here unveil our thoughts. They can comfort us and can stir our consciences. I paint these things because how can nature be wrong?

My oil and acrylic paintings feature the relaxing colors of the world. I lay it on traditional canvases and also wood panels. When available, I prefer to use panels made of recycled wood from a local cabinet shop.

Man and Dog
Acrylic painting,
part of a private collection in Massachusetts.


In 1984, on a wooded lakeshore in Maine, I began formal drawing and painting studies from local artist Cal Wilson. Several years later, I earned an associate degree from York County Community College in Wells, Maine. Here I learned valuable elements of drawing and design under artist Jill Poyourow. Once more, the stars aligned, and I became immersed in drawing and painting alongside professor, mentor, and friend, Heather Lewis. Heather grew up with professional artist parents, Dorothy, and her well-known husband, Jack Lewis of Delaware. Among Jack’s artist comrades was NC Wyeth. These early inspirations for Heather are stories of knowledge and friendship and that she extends to me. I am most gracious to be the receiver of their expertise. In 2017, I began exhibiting my work at festivals from Maine to New York. I continue to show my work and have been honored to be the artist of choice for many commissioned pieces.

Preparing Belgian linen with gesso.