About Sara

In 2016, I received fine art education from Cal Arts professor Jill Poyourow and Philadelphia School of Art alumni and professor Heather Lewis through YCCC in Wells, Maine. I continue to receive this lineal wealth of knowledge as I study under Lewis. Lewis is the daughter of late well-known artists Jack and Dorothy Lewis of Delaware.

From Early On

In Maine, during the 70s, I learned to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on an upright piano set in the tall grass by the sea. At low tides, my family dug up clams from the purplish-gray mud. While waves lapped the shore, we cooked them in a kettle under those starlit skies.

Away from the ocean and alone in the woods, I would rest on rocks and press my toes in cool moss beds. I would caress soft tree bark with my cheeks. Other times, I would be hunting for cray fish inside a culvert while listening to the rumble of cars overhead. I strained fish eggs between my fingers and brought minnows home in buckets. Once, I carried a sunfish home in my leaky fanny pack and tried to revive it with well water from the hose. I was fascinated by nature. My days of wandering the woods alone were cut short after a pack of wild dogs killed my neighbors’ pony.

Some time in young childhood, I sat on my mother’s lap in a bus filled with college student-painters, We went to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.The excitement of this mysterious and magical trip probably deserves credit for my desire to paint like a master.

Commissions welcome.

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