About Sara

Romanticism and impressionism influence my narrative scenes. I paint with traditional hand-made oil paint and professional grade acrylics. Over all, I use low intensity colors. Raw umber is always on my palette.

Otherwise unattainable, I found a way to get a professional fine art education from Cal Arts professor Jill Poyourow and Philadelphia School of Art graduate and professor Heather Lewis through YCCC in Wells, Maine. Lewis is the daughter of late well-known artists Jack and Dorothy Lewis of Delaware. This lineal depth of expertise that includes Lewis’s family friend, NC Wyeth, continues to be passed on to me through Lewis.

More personal with me

In the 70s, at 9 years old, I sat on my mother’s knee and traveled by bus with college students on a trip to Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. I don’t recall seeing the masters’ paintings, however, I recall feeling the excitement of this mysterious and magical experience.

Very young, I played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a piano set in the tall grass by the sea. My family dug for clams in the black mud and cooked them in a kettle under that open sky. Also, alone in the woods I pressed my toes in cool moss beds and caressed soft bark on the trees with my cheek. Other times, my play would stop so I could lie in cushioned grass and watch the red glider release from it’s lead plane. I was a born romantic.

This year, I am working to hang a large collection of art work in the CMT building in Biddeford, Maine. In 2022, I will be showing my work close to home and at a few out-of-state select shows. I will update my show schedule as the time approaches.

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