Plan ahead

This year, I want to amp up my inventory and still create high end paintings, so, I made tough decisions and only applied to Yarmouth Clam Festival, ME, Mill Creek, South Portland, ME, and Scituate, RI; all top notch juried shows. I am pleased to accept commissions. Remember, you can… Continue reading

Marching in…

Here, in my small Maine town, I sit shivering and wondering where the warm weather went that was all but promised to us. I look at the brighter sun of longer days and how it bounces off the cold crusted snow. Soon, the dirty pine needles and broken branches from… Continue reading

Happy New Year

In an amazing advancement of time, 2019 is here. Looking ahead, I am grateful for my family, followers, and fellow artists for their continual support and friendships. My wish is for all of us to have a happy prosperous days ahead. Continue reading

What in the world am I doing?

Thank you all for wonderful support. I have charged through a summer of traveling, meeting other professional artists and meeting many super kind people from the North East. I just finished 3 commissions and have 3 more to do. It brings me joy to share my paintings with others. They… Continue reading

Healing through art…

Tragedy struck last Friday when I had to say good bye to my little dog of 15.5 years. He was surrounded by love in the soft grass, and in that dignity I do find some peace. Then, the next day, I put a smile on my face and headed to… Continue reading

From Mooring Sails to Hope

In Berkshires, I met a member of the Chard family whose grandfather built the sail powered oyster vessel by hand and Moored Sails, the original title of this painting reminded her of Hope, the only known surviving sail powered oyster sloop in existence. Photo: Lindsay Perry Continue reading


Where does time go? Sometimes, it seems forever for an hour to pass like last night during my 4 hour ride home from the Berkshires. Still, before that. the last 3 weeks are a blur of painting, packing, repacking and meeting new people. My plan is to post at least… Continue reading

Finally, I am settling in from a phenomenal Allentown Art Show on Delaware Ave in Buffalo, NY.  I was thrilled to meet so many people who are proud of where they live. I learned about ice volcanoes on Lake Erie, how the British and French Canadians shot at each other… Continue reading

Psst… if only you could…

…quietly begin your morning out in nature before the neighbors wake up like I did. My daughter and I got our feet wet and paddled across the pond where we listened to the birds. Perfect way to start the day. Continue reading


It is 1 month until my first summer show followed by a string of 6 SHOWS , and I cannot wait! I will have a variety of original paintings unique to me for you to enjoy. For now, most of my days are spent painting except for yesterday when I blew my budget at… Continue reading

If only…

My father’s cousin was a well known fine artist. He happened to be much older than my dad, so, they didn’t grow up together. According to the 1940 census, Cota was born in 1924, my dad, born in 1940. Still, I think it is interesting family history. I wish he were… Continue reading

A match made in Heaven

I was thrilled to match the perfect teal color with a very happy client. #homedecor                                                                  Continue reading